Photoshop-ish Keyboard Shortcuts for The Gimp 2.8
- UPDATED 2012.08.05 -

To get keyboard shortcuts in The Gimp 2.8 that resemble those in Photoshop, download this file: ps-menurc and rename it to menurc.

Then copy it here:
Linux/Mac:     ~/.gimp-2.8
Windows XP:     C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\.gimp-2.8

The tables below show which Photoshop keyboard shortcuts (bindings) are mapped to The Gimp in the ps-menurc file.  Most of the matches are essentially identical features found in both programs, and the rest are the closest match I could find.  Granted, these programs are not necessarily clones of each other, so there are features on both sides that lack a matching counterpart.

*The current ps-menurc is based on the Gimp 2.8/Photoshop 6.
*An older version is available for Gimp 2.2 here.
*An older version is available for Gimp 2.0 here.